360° experience editorial Eterna for Kaltblut magazine

The project analyses the relationship between human and virtual space and the way it influences our consciousness. Humans always sought for the ways of immortal life: starting with alchemical experiments ending with the modern concept of posthuman, when a soul lives forever with the help of new technologies and then released from the physicality of a man. Virtual space and digital transformation bring us new possibilities and approach to reassess understanding the concept of a man and its identity. For this idea, I teamed up with great artists as Hana Frisonsova and Ly Sas, and finalized the new vision with them.

Creative Director / Photographer / VFX: Iurii Ladutko 
Sound Designer: Ly Sas 
Fashion Designer: Hana Frisonsova 
Assistant of photographer: Samuel Alex Petráš 
Make-up: Anneta Naumova 
3D Artist: Standa Palát 
Martin NovákErika Vynáhlovská / Klára Michalská / Tereza Spálenková 
Jáchym Kachlík / Anatoli Izma / Julia Horčáková / Johana Vlčková 
Model Agencies: 
Fresh face management / Agents model management / Supermoda management

Animated poster for this project
Sound designer: Ly Sas
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